GIFT's core work focuses
on four main activity streams


Advancing Global Norms
on Fiscal Transparency

International standards are important as a means of providing guidance on good practices on and measuring progress towards fiscal transparency. They also, through individual and comparative assessments performance, provide incentives for governments to implement reforms. Finally, they indicate which reforms might be most effective in increasing transparency.

We do this by

increasing the harmonization of global architecture of fiscal transparency norms to address some of the gaps and inconsistencies in the current guidelines on fiscal transparency.


Increasing and improving Peer-Learning
and Technical Assistance

We do this by

for example, launching the Open Government Partnership (OGP)-GIFT Fiscal Openness Working Group to share experiences among OGP member countries on implementing fiscal transparency commitments, encourage more ambitious country commitments, and potentially provide analytic or technical support.

Also, an example of this is the creation of this Community of Practice where peers, from anywhere in the world, can learn from each others experiences, and find solutions to help advance fiscal transparency from the supply and demand sides of information.


Aligning Incentives Work with
Greater Knowledge and Private
Sector Involvement

This includes assessing, aligning, and strengthening effective incentives for improvements and encouraging adoption of good practices. The range of incentives in a robust system could include improved public financial management, macroeconomic stability, increased foreign aid, private sector investment, among others.

We do this by

documenting best practices, performing research through case studies, engaging the private sector to identify and strengthen market incentives for improved practices.


Harnessing New
Technologies/Open Data
to engage the General Public

Focuses on assessing opportunities for deploying new information and communication technologies to advance open and inclusive government budget processes and improved public financial management.

We do this by

incentivizing the use of online portals, mobile access to information by citizens, increased public engagement through technology, and open data. For example the ongoing creation of the Open Budget Data Package.