Publishing information is not always as simple as it seems. That is why GIFT supports governments in their efforts to do so.

Through the use of webinars, videos, short texts and infographics, GIFT assists governments in opening their fiscal information. Interactions between public officials from different parts of the globe assists in the overcoming of common obstacles and in sharing practical information on the implementation of fiscal transparency and public participation measures.


Open Data Tutorial: Opening and promoting use of budget data

Full Open Data Tutorial —-> The Global Initiative for Fiscal Transparency, in collaboration with one of its Lead Stewards,…

What are the challenges towards achieving better fiscal transparency?

Janet Abuel Undersecretary Department of Budget & Management Republic of the Philippines Insights at GIFT #Quotes

GIFT Webinar - Open Fiscal Data Package Version 1.0

In this webinar, OKIs Fiscal Transparency lead Sander van der Waal presents the Fiscal Data Package specification version 1.0 and…

Does a citizen budget make it easier to understand the budget?

Janet Abuel Undersecretary Department of Budget & Management Republic of the Philippines Insights at GIFT #Quotes



GIFT seeks your contributions to progressively add more to our compendium of research, guidance and other publications on lessons and experiences from practices  that are aligned to  fiscal transparency, inclusive public participation and accountability. If you would like to contribute to our Community Resources page, get in touch with us! You may also submit your work via the form below. The GIFT team will review your submission and provide feedback to you. Accepted submission will be added to the GIFT Community Resources page, where they will remain accessible to thousands of researchers and practitioners worldwide.

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