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The GIFT Stewards provide oversight and strategy to the GIFT network, with the GIFT Coordination Team managing and executing building the network through its various activities and events.

Juan Pablo Guerrero – Network Director / @jpga63

Juan Pablo Guerrero is the Network Director of the Global Initiative for Fiscal Transparency, a multi-stakeholder action network to advance fiscal transparency, public participation and accountability in countries around the world. He was a founding Commissioner of the Federal Institute for Access to Information & Data Protection in Mexico (2002-2009), where he subsequently was the Secretary General (2013-14). Between 2009 and 2013, he was the manager of the Mentoring Governments for Transparency Program at the International Budget Partnership. Before 2003, he was a university professor at the CIDE (Center for Research & Teaching in Economics) in Mexico (1994-2003) specialized in public administration reform for accountability, anticorruption and fiscal transparency. He started his career as news reporter and correspondent in Washington & Paris, where he studied master and PhD programs in public policy (SAIS-Johns Hopkins University and Sciences-Po).

Murray Petrie – Special Advisor.

Murray Petrie has worked as a consultant and civil society advocate for fiscal transparency and accountability since leaving the New Zealand Treasury in 1997. He helped draft the IMF’s 1998 Code of Good Practices on Fiscal Transparency and the accompanying Manual, and has since taken part in IMF fiscal transparency assessment and technical assistance missions in numerous countries. Murray has also consulted extensively for the World Bank on public financial management and transparency, and has advised the International Budget Partnership on the design of the Open Budget Survey. He completed the first four Open Budget Surveys of New Zealand as a civil society researcher. Murray helped found the NZ chapter of Transparency International in the late 1990s, and served for the next fifteen years in a variety of voluntary executive and Board roles. Murray has been technical advisor to GIFT since its start-up phase, and helped develop and draft the High Level Principles. He leads GIFT’s work on norms, including analysing fiscal transparency commitments by members of the Open Government Partnership, development of a new norm on public participation in fiscal policy, and scoping the interface between fiscal transparency and the environment. His full CV including publications is available here

Lorena Rivero del Paso – Technical, Knowledge, and Collaboration Manager. / @Lorenardp

She is an economist and holds an MSc-LLM in Law and Economics. As a Public Financial Management expert, she has worked in M&E of government performance, opening government and combating corruption, from government positions and as international consultant.

During her tenure as General Director of Performance Monitoring and Information Analysis in the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit in Mexico, she coordinated the increase of the Mexican score of the Open Budget index, with which Mexico obtained the 6th position of the ranking in 2017, moving up from the 38th position in 2010. She was also in charge of the Fiscal Transparency Portal, which houses more than thirteen online platforms that include visualizations, open data and Artificial Intelligence.

Her experience also accounts for the design of the architecture for national planning including gender issues and linking the budget with the Sustainable Development Goals.

Raquel Ferreira  – Senior Technical Advisor.

With Economics degrees obtained from the University of South Africa, Raquel Ferreira gained vast experience working in the South African public sector from 2002 to 2019, firstly in the central bank providing analyses on public finances for monetary policy authorities and then in the heart of public finance and government budgets, in the Budget Office of the National Treasury of South Africa. She held senior positions in the Budget Office, including heading up the Expenditure Planning Chief Directorate that is responsible for researching, strategizing, designing, and implementing the national government’s budget processes as well as for the production of its budget expenditure legislation and documentation. The Unit is also responsible for South Africa’s budget reform program. From 2020, Raquel has utilized this experience to work as a Senior Technical Advisor on Public Financial Management.

Mrs. Aicha Karafi  – Officer for Francophone and MENA Countries.

She counts with a long-time and successful career at the Tunisian Ministry of Finance where she has held positions with important responsibilities from monitoring, to audits, studies and reforms, including being the Director General for the unit of large public enterprises. More recently, she was Director General in charge of the Central Office for IT methodology and organizations as well as regional coordination at the MoF. In her capacity, Aicha Karafi has also administered several training courses related to audits, fiscal management and public finances in prestigious institutions such as The School for Public Administration (ENA) and the National Judicial Institute. Mrs. Karafi is also an active civil society member and President of the Local Governance Association. She holds several degrees including a Bachelor from the Institute of Higher Commercial Studies (IHEC) and a masters from ENA.

Elena Delfino – Technology & Communications Coordinator.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communication from the Universidad de la República Oriental del Uruguay.

As a communicator, she has worked for more than ten years in different tasks related to audiovisual production, advertising and brand communication. She has specialized in coordination, direction and post production of castings both for advertising and for feature films, having founded her own Casting Production Company in 2016. Being in charge of the effective communication with clients, suppliers and the general public in a national and international level, emphasized her experience in business management of social networks and customer acquisition.

She is also an active professional actress graduated from the Escuela del Actor in Montevideo, Uruguay. In this area, she has worked as a teacher, acting coach in audiovisual projects, and participated in theatre plays from Uruguayan and international authors.

Albertina Meana – Program Coordinator.

She holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Buenos Aires.

She has 15 years of experience in multinational organizations performing leadership roles in corporate financial planning and financial analysis.

She worked at Kraft Foods International from 1997 to 2008 in increasing responsibility roles as a financial planning expert for the Information Systems Department in Latin America.

She lives in Washington D.C. since 2010 where she was a volunteer at different non-profit organization.
In the academic area, she was Assistant Professor of Production Management at the University of Buenos Aires.

David Abouem – Officer for Sub-Saharan Africa.

Based in Yaoundé, he is an active member of the civil society in Cameroon. A Senior Civil Administrator by training, he served in Government for a long time where he held many positions such as Permanent Secretary in Ministerial departments, inspector general, provincial governor, and member of government (Minister). He also worked as a consultant with Transparency International and contributed to the creation of the Cameroon Chapter. He also served with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in a good governance program in West Africa. He is active in many programs and projects dealing with transparency, accountability and other related governance issues for many civil society organizations, international development and financial partners, as well as local governments and public administration in Cameroon.