Sep 01 2015

Use of Open Budget Data in Social Auditing of Constituency Development Funds in Kenya
Davis A. Adieno

Globally, open data is now openly and widely used to describe data made accessible, in formats that can be manipulated by computers (allowing the creation of new interfaces, mash-ups and other data analysis), and without restrictions on how the data can be re-used. The clamour for the Kenyan government to provide data and information to facilitate citizen participation in governance processes has been building for some time. This paper examines the process of producing and disseminating Constituency Development Fund (CDF) data, the challenges thereof, and whether feedback from users has helped improve this process. It further explores demand for updated data, how this has been repurposed by civil society organisations (CSOs) to address various core problems and the impact both on transparency and accountability, and national laws and regulations. In doing so it also highlights major challenges CSOs have faced in accessing and using data and existing gaps that warrant further research.


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