Jun 21 2015


Background Paper prepared for the Open Government Partnership-GIFT Fiscal Openness Working Group: Africa Regional Meeting

This background paper analyses how transparent are budgets and fiscal management practices in OGP countries? 1. There are some outstanding examples amongst OGP countries of rapid increases in fiscal transparency in recent years as measured by the Open Budget Index. 2. There are also some notable examples of backsliding on fiscal transparency amongst OGP members as measured by the OBI. 3. OGP members in OGP Asia are significantly more transparent than non-members in the same region. In contrast, OGP members in the OGP Europe region are significantly less transparent than their regional peers. 4. There is one current member country in each of the OGP regions for Europe, the Americas and Africa that, according to IBP data, do not meet the minimum eligibility criteria for OGP membership. How well have OGP countries implemented the commitments in their National Action Plans?


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