Dec 02 2011

Defining the Technical Content of Global Norms: Synthesis and Analytic Review

This report was commissioned GIFT Advancing Global Norms Working Group. It is part of the Group’s mandate to mobilize stakeholders to work towards defining global norms by establishing and monitoring international standards and good practices on fiscal transparency, accountability and engagement. The work stream comprises two phases. The first phase –subject of this report – comprises an in-depth analytic mapping and review of existing norms. This includes a description of the study, the major findings from the mapping exercise, and the gaps identified through the exercise. This report is a revised version of the draft Phase I report discussed by the Norms Working Group on 2 November 2011. It takes into account feedback on that draft, and further information obtained subsequent to the Working Group meeting, including information provided by GIFT participants. The main change is the addition of country practices and the degree of adherence to the norms.


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