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What is public participation in fiscal policy and why is it important?

Direct engagement between citizens and governments is increasingly recognized as a critical link in the chain between fiscal transparency, more effective accountability for public financial management, and better fiscal and development outcomes. The importance attached to public participation reflects the acceptance that citizens and civil society organisations are important agents of good governance and sustainable […]

How are the GIFT Principles on Public Participation in Fiscal Policy being incorporated in international fiscal openness instruments?

  Summary: Principle 10 of the GIFT High Level Principles on Fiscal Transparency asserts that citizens have a right to participate directly in fiscal policy design and implementation. GIFT has subsequently developed a set of Principles of Public Participation in Fiscal Policy.  The Principles have directly influenced the design of international instruments such as the […]

What steps to increase fiscal transparency and participation should OGP countries take in their next Action Plans?

This post is the first in a short series that GIFT will be running to provide ideas for countries preparing their next Action Plans. Two further blogs will look at how well countries have implemented their OGP commitments on fiscal transparency, and how transparent and participatory budgets and budget processes currently are in OGP countries. […]

Public Participation in Fiscal Policy: The Next Frontier in Budget Transparency

Direct public participation in the design and implementation of fiscal policies is the next frontier of fiscal openness reforms. In combination with the full public disclosure of fiscal data, public participation can promote the fairer and more effective use of public resources, result in public officials being properly held to account, and produce improved development outcomes. […]