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Short info about participatory budgeting in Slovenia

Follow Jorg K. Petrovic on Twitter On participatory budgeting, we have started small in Slovenia a few year ago, but we have come pretty far in less than 5 years. There is a substantial interest among local communities and the Parliament has helped with legislation promoting participation. The idea of participatory budgeting is not completely […]

#DataOnTheStreets International Rally

What is it? The Rally is a great opportunity to invite the public to use the data generated by governments, go out to the streets and see how data reflects in their real life. It is a public participation process in the budget implementation phase through open data and digital tools, such as maps and […]

Better Budget Dataquest for sustainable development

What is a “Dataquest”? It typically takes the form of a day event, it could be shorter or longer, in which people arrive, with laptops or access to laptops and the internet, and either individually or in teams explore the data. During the event they create insights by engaging with the dataset and combining it […]

GIFT Online Peer Learning – Webinar series

#WebinarWednesday In recent years, GIFT network members and partners have developed digital tools and technology that have allowed to significantly advance fiscal transparency, with a focus on making budget information meaningful and useful for citizens. To promote the sharing and discussion of such valuable experiences, GIFT is offering a program of monthly webinars around the […]

Transparency without participation: challenges for democracy in Brazil

by Carmela Zigoni, Political Advisor from Inesc   It was carried out, in Portugal, between October 17 and 18, 2018, the Global Initiative for Fiscal Transparency – GIFT annual meeting, which gathered representatives of governments and civil society organizations from 32 countries, in addition to representatives of the World Bank and academics. GIFT is an […]

Open Data Tutorial: Opening and promoting use of budget data

The Global Initiative for Fiscal Transparency, in collaboration with one of its Lead Stewards, the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit of Mexico, invites publishers and consumers of budget data to participate in the tutorial “Open data: Opening and promoting use of budget data “. The tutorial concentrates tools that enable the data opening process […]

International Practices to Promote Budget Literacy

Sponsored by the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation The World Bank Global Governance Practiced just published the study “International Practices to Promote Budget Literacy, Key Findings and Lessons learned”, by Harika Masud, Helene Pfeil, Sanjay Agarwal and Alfredo Gonzalez Briseño. I was invited to share some comments on the study at a seminar […]

How public institutions and CSOs are changing the game: the GIFT Public Participation in Fiscal Policy and Budget Making Award

GIFT is honored to announce the results of the Public Participation in Fiscal Policy and Budget Making Award. The network ‘s Coordination Team received 16 submissions documenting quite varied and amazing experiences coming from all range of actors in the fiscal transparency and accountability ecosystem, from 13 countries (Brazil, Chile, Georgia, Germany, Guatemala, Kenya, Mexico, […]

Building Budget Democracy: Fiscal Openness Reforms in South Africa

By Paolo De Renzio This post is part of the “In Their Own Words: Reform Champions Speak About Incentives for Fiscal Openness” series. The original interview was conducted in 2015 as part of a Global Initiative for Fiscal Transparency (GIFT) and International Budget Partnership (IBP) research project. Trevor Manuel was South Africa’s Minister of Finance […]