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Evaluation par la société civile d’un indicateur lié à l’offre de de services publics et impact sur l’allocation de ressources budgétaires par le gouvernement

  Le rôle des organisations de la société civile au Bénin dans l’évaluation d’un indicateur important pour l’éducation nationale, et la réaction positive du gouvernement béninois à travers le Ministère de l’Économie et des Finances. Plaidoyer des OSC du Bénin sur l’indicateur « 1 livre de mathématiques et de lecture pour chaque élève » et « les Subventions […]

An investigation based on budgetary data evidences significant reductions in food policies for children in Argentina

by ACIJ (Asociación Civil por la Igualdad y la Justicia) In February 2019, ACIJ Argentina, together with the Global Initiative for Fiscal Transparency, organized a Dataquest for the international day of open data. There, a group of organizations and activists met in order to analyze the data of the Argentine budget and make visible its […]

GIFT Webinar Series Season 2 – Public Financial Management for Sustainable Development

One of the key learnings from the adoption of the Millennium Development Goals was that States need to strengthen their means of implementation to address the challenges posed by sustainable development. Such a challenge is even more significant when addressing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), due to their increased scope and interrelation of objectives. To […]

Are we making chocolate or what? An interim reflection of the alchemy that is public participation.

By Zukiswa Kota (IMALI YETHU Lead Coordinator, Public Service Accountability Monitor) Article originally published in OPEN, Edition 3. . An open data project involving both civic and state actors was always going to elicit varying – and various – perspectives on a range of issues. The Vulekamali team consists of government officials, members of civil […]

Is Fiscal Transparency Really Relevant to Improve Public Spending?

by GIFT Team As members of the Public Financial Management community, we are frequently confronted with the question: is fiscal transparency really relevant for improving public spending? There is no easy answer it, as there is no easy or unique path transforming fiscal transparency into a public good. For many years, governments have published information […]

From Fiscal Transparency to More Sustainable Cities: Case in Mexico

Some public programs are designed as the result of the political realm, besides any possible  technical propositions and considerations. Pork barrel funds are a reality, in developing countries, as well as in developed ones. This was the case of the Metropolitan Development Fund in Mexico. The fund started before 2011 changing forms and structure but, […]

Coupling AI and Sustainable Development Goals through Public Expenditure Data: Why Fiscal Transparency is Crucial to Achieve the 2030 Agenda

Since their establishment in 2015, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have become the leading international agenda to promote social, economic and environmental development. The 2030 Agenda has encouraged the construction of numerous development indicators through which governments can track and evaluate their progress towards the SDGs. For example, the United Nations provides open access to […]

Publishing Budget and Spending Open Data

    by Lorena Rivero del Paso (GIFT) and Oscar Montiel (Open Knowledge International) Increasingly, we see examples where lack of transparency and accountability from governments affects trust. Being able to follow public money flows is an important step to recover trust and aim towards more effective governance of public funds. Despite this, according to […]

Towards a schema for spending Open Data, Helpdesk included

        by Lorena Rivero del Paso (GIFT) and Oscar Montiel (Open Knowledge International) Having data for budgets and spending can allow us to track public money flows in our communities. It can give us insights into how governments plan and focus on programmes, public works, and services. So the Global Initiative for […]

Is it possible to follow the budget money in Slovenia with open data?

Follow Jorg K. Petrovic on Twitter Slovenia is making a good progress in opening its data. The only area that is left behind is the data about the budget. But recently things are starting to develop rapidly also at the Ministry of Finance. Two years ago, the citizens budget was introduced. And in early 2019, activities started […]