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The impact of COVID19 on fiscal transparency and public participation

In the book titled Open Budgets: The political economy of fiscal transparency, participation, and accountability around the world, (S. Khagram, P. De Renzio, A. Fung), the authors analyse how and why improvements in fiscal transparency and participation have transpired. They conclude that four main factors contribute to improvements in fiscal transparency and public participation in […]

The role of Civil Society Organizations in ensuring transparency and accountability in emergency policy responses

  The context Fiscal and budgetary responses effected to provide immediate resources to control the pandemic as well as to minimise its direct negative impact on economic growth, whilst simultaneously forming the platform for future economic growth and development, encompass an unprecedented myriad of dimensions. Substantial economic support packages targeting people and businesses have been […]

Money Matters: Public Finance & Social Accountability for Human Capital Forum

by Juan Pablo Guerrero, GIFT Network Director The fifth edition of the Global Partners Forum of the Global Partnership for Social Accountability (October 30-November 1) was devoted to public finance, social accountability and human capital. With the World Bank Human Capital Project and the International Budget Partnership, the Global Initiative for Fiscal Transparency network was […]

The IMF Fiscal Forum brings the OECD, IMF and GIFT together to launch the IMF Fiscal Transparency Handbook and OECD Budget Transparency Toolkit

Corruption and public sector governance were the issues of discussion at the 2018 Fiscal Forum of the IMF Fiscal Affairs Department, as part of the Spring Meetings. At the center of the conversation around Institutional reforms to fight corruption was fiscal transparency. As It becomes an increasingly complex, vast and challenging matter, the official launch […]

OECD launches new Budget Transparency Toolkit

On July 7, 2017, the Budget Transparency Toolkit. Practical steps for supporting openness, integrity and accountability in Public Financial Management  (Division of Budgeting and Public Expenditures Organization for Economic Cooperation for Development, OECD) was presented, before the Senior Budget Officials of the Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe region, at the OECD headquarters in Paris. As […]

Introducing the GIFT Community of Practice

  The Global Initiative for Fiscal Transparency is a network that connects important international actors with other international initiatives, together with champion governments and civil society organizations, to significantly advance fiscal transparency. While facilitating dialogue and cooperation in an action network, GIFT strengthens norms and creates incentives for countries to engage in a dialogue with […]